CEO Yuji Kawamura

Registered Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant, product innovator.
In my private life, I live with my wife and daughter and our Boston Terrier.
My current hobbies are jogging, traveling abroad, music, cycling, and climbing. I have a knack for making biryani.

Personal HP of CEO


Yuji was born in 1978 in Yamaguchi, Japan. He graduated with a degree in Precision Machinery Engineering from Chuo University. He is a Registered Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant and a product innovator.

After returning from London in 2002, Yuji began managing a global team at KORG, the electronic musical instrument manufacturer, engaging in new and niche markets. He has been involved in a number of new businesses. His footwork allows him to fly alone to India, China, the United States, Europe, and anywhere as necessary to conduct a series of steady and thorough end-user research. He lead more than 150 projects to release new products and business worldwide.

As a product innovator, with a rich knowledge of product marketing and product planning, he also holds seminars, workshops, write reports for other companies and the government as a consultant.

Because of his position, he has had many opportunities to communicate with board members of KORG, which has gradually deepened his interest in company management. In 2016, he registered with the Japanese government as a management consultant. Since then, he has had a unique career, working for KORG as a product innovator, supporting his clients as a management consultant, and also working with the government. As his track record as a management consultant began to accumulate and his reputation began to grow, his desire to bring new and greater opportunities and growth to his clients also grew. In 2019, he set up a product innovation/management consulting firm: YK Future Consulting.

In his current role, he is responsible for business improvement, business model set up, new product development, marketing, and subsidy applications, speaking at seminars and workshops, etc. He doesn’t see himself as a teacher or mentor, but rather as a trustworthy man who works with his clients to share with them the highs and lows of business.