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We support innovation in the manufacturing industry!

YK Future Consulting offers product innovation and management consulting services worldwide.

As a global management consulting firm, we help our overseas clients expand their business in Japan. We offer tailored solutions to our clients' challenges, such as new business planning, market development, and partner identification and fundraising, all the while taking into account Japan's unique customs and culture.

We act as a reliable companion to our clients, such as business owners, to provide advice in realms both business and private. It's our honor to be a part of and bear witness to our clients' growth.

Many of our services are available online and we are actively strengthening our offerings abroad. We also provide services beyond what is listed on our website. We aim to be as flexible as possible to meet a variety of needs, so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

About Us

3 Reasons Clients Choose YK Future Consulting


Japan Accredited Management Innovation Support Organisation

Japan Accredited Management Innovation Support Organisations are support organisations that are authorised by the government as having a certain level of expertise and practical experience in supporting enterprises. They also play a role in spreading the government's policies to the market and are actively involved in matching the needs of businesses with various government-sponsored support projects, etc.


Diverse connections and one-stop service

We have established a network of various specialists, including lawyers, tax advisors, accountants, administrative scriveners, labor and social security attorneys, and judicial scriveners. We provide one-stop solutions to our clients' problems by advising them on which specialists to turn to in individual cases and introducing them to trusted experts.


Extensive experience in supporting clients' business

We have extensive experience especially in new business development, new product development, sales channel development, marketing research, grant applications, business planning and seminars.

How We Can Help

We aim to be an ally and companion to our clients, sharing their concerns and joys, and doing our best to support them through to the resolution of their issues. Based on the belief that the client knows what is best for their work, we support them to realize and visualize the answer and stay beside our client through the resolution to the achievement of their ultimate goals.

New businesses, new products, new services

We provide methodologies for launching new businesses, products and services and help clients build their organisation. We help clients to mass-produce ideas, run meetings to move the project forward and manage the project.

Support for applying for Japanese subsidies

We help our clients to build a story to increase chances of approval for examination, assess how well their business plan matches the application requirements, support the adjustment of materials to achieve acceptance, and prepare the application form.

Business plan development

We help our clients to identify action plans by clarifying the requirements and challenges that they may need to confront, and also establish actionable plans in order to develop business in Japan in the medium to long term.

Consulting/advisory services

We assist our clients in identifying issues related to their daily operations in Japan and discussing solutions through regular visits to their office, online meetings, etc. Our online consulting solutions are especially of convenience for clients from outside of Japan.

Mergers & Acquisitions brokerage, advisory, and due diligence

For clients considering M&A for business expansion, downsizing, or business succession in Japan, we provide transaction brokerage, advice and due diligence (evaluation of companies to be transferred).

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