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We offer a variety of consulting services that are not limited to management support, but also product innovation, spot consulting. 

Management consulting(Management improvement, Restructuring, 
Financial assessment, business succession, financing, etc.)

Do you have any of the following management concerns?

  • Not sure of own vision.
  • The vision is set, but not sure where to start.
  • Wish to start a new business.
  • Summarize product mix and customer priorities.
  • Looking for someone to take over the business.
  • Having cash flow problems and need a loan.
  • Wondering if the labor costs and borrowings are the right amount.
  • Wish to improve our operations by reviewing our internal operations and implementing IT.
  • Wish to share our philosophy with our employees, business partners, and other stakeholders.

Our consulting services are based on “companionship-based consulting that start with the thoughts and decisions of the clients. We don’t force clients what to do like a teacher or mentor, but rather we always work with you as a partner. While sharing the hardships and joys with your employees, we also share the individuality of the company and its employees. We focus on identifying the essence of management. We also enhance our clients’ own knowledge by accompanying them and help them to grow autonomously and sustainably.

Example of our management consulting process

Some of you may be wondering what we can do to help. Here is one example of a management practice that we have conducted for a client. 

  1. Confirm management philosophy and medium-term vision
    Our consulting services start with the client’s thoughts and decisions. We talk with our clients about their management philosophies and mid-term visions, and their personal histories. This is a very important phase that will be the axis of various decisions in the future.
  2. Finance review
    Based on the various financial statements, we verify if the mid-term vision is the best way to accelerate the company. For example, even if the medium-term vision set forth is to expand the trade area for sales growth, real priority could be to improve gross margins by increasing labor productivity, even if sales stays flat. Such little error of perspective can lead to unnecessary detours and needs to be prevented. We will also revise our medium-term vision as necessary.
  3. Set up financial plan
    In the future, there will be many changes in the company’s financial condition as it achieves its medium-term vision. By setting future financial goals, visualizing the changes in the current state of the company and understanding the significance of these changes, it will be possible to increase the specificity and accuracy of future action plans.
  4. Find business challenge
    Finally, it’s time to identify the management issues. We focus on specific areas of corporate activities such as marketing, production, sales, and human resources, and how to strengthen them. There are many possible approaches to solving multiple business problems at the same time, choosing one or the other, or having a specific order of solutions, but in many cases, the criteria for making these decisions are based on the management philosophy and mid-term vision.
  5. Set up operational plan
    Set both qualitative and quantitative goals, and then move on to annual, monthly and weekly goals break down. This way, not only does the action plan is detailed but, it helps clients to review what are achieved, and add feedback result of review to pivot action 3~5.
  6. GOAL!
    Congratulations! You’ve finally achieved the goal! At this point, you have the financial backing for growth. You and your customers’ and employees relationship will be tighten, mindset of the yourselves become more positive. As a summary, let’s look back at what was good and bad about the project.
  7. Go to next stage!
    The challenge is not over. New challenges and goals will be created at this stage. Let’s take a step towards further growth!
Product Innovation(New business set up, Product planning, Branding)

Do you have any of the following marketing concerns?

  • Sales volume of our core products are starting to falling.
  • Facing difficulty to differentiate our products from competitors.
  • Can’t think of any new product ideas.
  • Wish to get out of subcontracting and launch own brand.
  • Wish to create an innovative product and enhance our brand.
  • Wish to set up a project team for new product development.
  • Wish to create a business model to develop new markets.
  • Wish to set up an organizational structure to strengthen marketing.

The hallmark of our marketing consultancy is that we focus first and foremost on “end-user behavior and real-life feedback”. Sometimes, we will travel to markets and conduct user interviews on behalf of our clients.No matter how diligently we gather the opinions of our salespeople, salespeople, and purchasers, we will never be able to produce a product that has the face of the end user. While these indirectly heard voices in the marketplace reflect the voice of the end user, if you do not understand and listen to the voice of the end user, you will misinterpret it. It’s not an exaggeration to say that knowing the end user is key to the success of a project.

Spot Consulting

We have added a new, unique service: spot consulting. The frequency and location of the consulting services are flexible and can be adapted to meet your needs. We are also happy to use video conference system such as ZOOM, Skype.

Ideal for those who have the following concerns

  • Don’t need a long term advisory contract, but would like to talk once a month or so for a consultation.
  • Wish hear about a single problem once.
  • Wish to take a trial consulting session before signing an advisory contract.
  • Wish to receive consulting services that focus on email and social networking instead of phone calls and visits due to the fluidity of my schedule.

These are just examples. We offer a customized plan to suit your convenience, including frequency of visits and communication, location of visits, and contact method. The following is a summary of the plan We offer free plans and estimates, so please feel free to contact us.


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